Veinlite Makes it Easy to Find a Vein

hands of doctor in gloves and leg with dilated veins close up on white background At Premier Heart & Vein Care, Dr. Stevens stays current with the latest technology. In the diagnostic area, one of those innovations we’re proud to use for our patients is Veinlite®. 

Veinlite® allows Dr. Stevens to accurately see the targeted varicose vein under the skin. It’s kind of like the x-ray vision of Superman for the vascular world! 

What is Veinlite? 

Veinlite® produces various vein finders that use innovative technology to provide accurate visualization and mapping of varicose veins. The Veinlite® we use at Premier Heart & Vein Care is the ultrabright halogen light, which maximizes imaging contrast, providing uniform illumination of the skin on any part of the body. The device consists of a halogen light source, a fiber optic cable, and a patented ring illuminator that is placed on the skin. 

How does Veinlite work? 

The Veinlite® device produces a ring of bright light that is focused downward and to the center of the ring. When Dr. Stevens places the Veinlite® on a patient’s skin, the light uniformly illuminates the superficial tissues inside the ring. Deoxygenated blood in veins absorbs the lite so veins show as dark lines within the illuminated area. 

At that point, Dr. Stevens places gentle pressure on the Veinlite® and this stretches the skin. This engorges the vein for easier needle insertion through the opening in the ring. 

Helps identify the precise location 

As you would assume, it’s not always easy to find a varicose vein under the skin. Sure, the veins that are pushing up the surface skin like a mole tunnel are right there. But not all varicose veins cooperate in that way. 

Veinlite® enables more accurate access for everything from radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins to sclerotherapy for spider veins. This accuracy helps Dr. Steven limit the number of injections necessary. 

If you have signs of varicose veins or spider veins you’d like to get rid of, give us a call at Premier Heart & Vein Care, (805) 540-3333.

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