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What is a Veinlite® Assessment?

7cc4f7cb903de15aa1cb7cbfda22950e1 Veinlite® vein finders use innovative technology to provide accurate visualization and mapping of varicose veins. By providing outstanding clarity, Veinlite® vein finders assist in the treatment of damaged veins. They delineate veins with unprecedented accuracy, allowing sclerotherapy needles to be inserted in precisely the correct places.

The ultrabright halogen light of Veinlite® vein finders maximizes imaging contrast, providing uniform illumination of the skin on any part of the body. In addition, the patented C-shape of the Veinlite illuminators makes needle injection easy and safer compared with standard techniques.

During a typical assessment of vascular issues, the patient completes a detailed questionnaire, and has a consultation with Dr Stevens. The patient's vascular health is then evaluated using a Veinlite® vein finder, which consists of a halogen light source, a high-quality fiberoptic cable, and a patented ring illuminator. The illuminator is directed toward the skin at a specific angle, creating a virtual light source underneath the skin that clearly delineates veins. In this way, the problematic network of veins can be thoroughly examined.

Veinlite® Assessment is used for telangiectasia (spider veins), and reticular veins (small, netlike veins), the veins least visible to the naked eye, because Dr Stevens is better able to see the veins during treatment, the number of sclerotherapy injections needed is reduced.

Because venipuncture and vein access are among the most commonly performed medical procedures, Veinlite® Assessment is an invaluable tool for doctors dealing with vascular issues. Even skilled professionals often have difficulty locating satisfactory veins in certain patients, particularly those who are obese, have dark skin, or are very young or old. Veinlite® vein finders have the advantage of greatly decreasing the number of venipuncture attempts, thereby reducing patient discomfort, and making treatment faster and more efficient.

What Conditions Can a Veinlite®assessment Diagnose?

Dr. Stevens uses Veinlite® to help visualize the veins that are located in the superficial tissue beneath your skin. The light gets absorbed by de-oxygenated blood in the veins, making them appear dark within an area that is illuminated. The technique works somewhat like guided ultrasound, showing the doctor the exact location of distention within superficial spider veins and feeder vessels that are contributing to the increase in venous pressure. This assessment is not used to check the veins that are located in deeper layers of tissue. For those, ultrasound would be a better form of diagnostic imaging.

How Do I Know if I Should Undergo a Veinlite® Assessment?

If you see visible spider veins or varicose veins, you may benefit from a Veinlite® assessment. If you don't see varicose veins but you experience other symptoms, such as itching or burning on the skin in a particular area, leg cramps, a sense of heaviness, or the appearance of redness or bruising that doesn't go away, you can ask about the benefits of having a Veinlite® assessment performed by vein specialist Dr. Stevens.

What Procedures is a Veinlite® Assessment Used With?

Being an illuminating device that makes superficial veins more visible to the naked eye, Veinlite® is often used as a form of guidance for sclerotherapy procedures. The combination of Veinlite® and sclerotherapy can minimize the number of injections that are needed to accurately locate and treat the distended veins.

How Long Does a Veinlite® Assessment Take?

Your entire appointment to check your legs for unhealthy veins may take less than an hour. This can depend on the questions that you have and the number of areas the doctor needs to examine. Dr. Stevens may also be able to perform sclerotherapy, if needed, during the same appointment.

Is a Veinlite® Assessment Painful?

No. Your vein assessment using this innovative instrument takes place entirely on the skin's surface. To see veins that are beneath the skin, Dr. Stevens places the small lighted ring on top of your skin. He may slightly press on the ring, but this doesn't hurt. The pressure makes the skin taut so light can permeate with incredible accuracy. Should you require sclerotherapy, know that the doctor uses a very small needle to access the veins, and, because their location is apparent, it may take fewer injections to achieve great results.

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