Can You Remove Varicose Veins At Home?

Nobody Likes Varicose Veins, Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Varicose veins are bulging, bluish-purple veins that can affect the appearance of your legs. You might feel self-conscious about the way these veins make your legs look. In addition, varicose veins can cause discomfort and other symptoms that are unpleasant. The good news is that you don’t have to keep dealing with this type of vein problem, but can you remove them at home?

Unfortunately, Only Medical Treatments Are Effective

While you can do certain things at home to help ease varicose vein symptoms, you’ll need medical treatment to eliminate this vein problem. For example, you can wear compression stockings to provide you with some relief from soreness or other symptoms of varicose veins. Elevating your legs might also help, since this can improve blood circulation and reduce some of the pressure on the affected veins. Getting enough exercise is also a way to ease pressure and keep your blood circulating instead of accumulating in your veins.

Slowing the Growth of Varicose Veins

Although you won’t be able to get rid of varicose veins at home, the measures that relieve symptoms might also help slow the growth of these veins. Compression stockings, plenty of exercise, and leg elevation all help support healthy blood circulation. When your blood is able to circulate in a healthy manner, this reduces the risk of having it pool in your veins. This can make it more difficult for varicose veins to form or get worse over time. However, keep in mind that you still need to have medical treatment done in order to eliminate these veins.

Types of Treatments for Varicose Veins

What kinds of treatment options are available for varicose veins? There are several ways that these veins can be treated medically. The exact kind of treatment that works for you will depend on different factors, such as how large or severe your varicose veins are. Seeing a vein physician is an important part of determining how your vein problem should be treated for optimal results. Some of the treatment options that are available for varicose veins include the following:

  • Foam treatment: This involves having a foam solution injected into large varicose veins. This solution causes irritation in the lining of the vein, which causes it to close. Blood then moves to the surrounding veins instead, which helps improve blood circulation.
  • Radiofrequency ablation: This treatment involves having a catheter inserted into the affected vein and exposing it to radiofrequency energy. This energy damages the vein and causes it to collapse. This type of treatment has a shorter recovery time compared to other treatments, such as vein stripping, and it is less invasive.
  • Sclerotherapy: This treatment involves having a solution called a sclerosant injected into the affected vein, so that it becomes damaged and collapses. This is a minimally invasive procedure that helps eliminate varicose veins with a low risk of complications.

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