Is Your Heart Pumping Right in Time for Summer Fun?

Heart Health People become most active during the summer, but make no mistake–you won’t be active very long if you’re having heart problems. Heart problems are often serious, so you should never hesitate to speak with a skilled cardiologist when you’re having consistent cardiac issues. A cardiologist such as Dr Stevens is best suited to assess your health, provide a diagnosis, and prescribe medication or a workout plan that may alleviate or reduce your heart problems. If you’re worried about your heart, it’s time to search “cardiologist near me in San Luis Obispo.”

What Are Common Signs of Heart Complications?

Difficulty Breathing

If you have difficulty breathing, and you were not just exercising or straining to lift heavy objects, your body may be showing the beginning signs of a heart condition.


Arrhythmia is a medical term for an irregular heartbeat. Your heart should beat between 70 to 115 bpm (beats per minute) if you’re five to nine years old. Your bpm should range between 60 to 100 if you’re 10 or older. A normal heartbeat range for athletes, however, is 40 to 60 bpm. These numbers can fluctuate depending on your level of activity and health.

But this is certain: it is not normal to have an irregular heartbeat. If your heartbeat speeds up while you’re resting or slows down inexplicably, you’re experiencing arrhythmia. If this condition continues, you should consult a cardiac specialist.

Chest Pains

A frequent sign of a heart condition is chest pains. Your chest may feel tight or as if it’s constricting. You may also feel an ache in your chest. Chest pains are abnormal and may indicate a serious heart condition.

Reputable Cardiologist Near Me in San Luis Obispo, CA

A healthy heart is essential to a healthy life and active summer. Unfortunately, a developing heart condition can hinder your summer plans. You can stop a progressing heart condition by seeking medical attention immediately. When you start feeling chest pains or tightness, you should contact your primary care doctor and then search “cardiologist near me.” Your primary care physician is an excellent resource for help, but only a heart specialist such as Dr Stevens can address your concerns fully. We’re reachable at 805-540-3333 for more information.

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