Identifying Symptoms of Heart Problems in Athletes

runner athlete chest injury and pain. sport man having chest pain after running in the park Athletes can sometimes experience heart problems; recognizing the symptoms is essential for early detection and treatment. Premier Heart & Vein Care utilizes the latest technologies for non-invasive diagnostic tests to determine the cause of these symptoms.

Symptoms of Heart Problems in Athletes

These symptoms may indicate heart problems and require a full cardiac evaluation:

  1. Pressure sensation in the chest: Athletes may feel a sensation of tightness, heaviness, or discomfort in the chest area. This pressure could indicate a cardiac issue, mainly if it occurs during or after exercise.
  2. Chest pain: Sharp or persistent pain in the chest can be a warning sign of heart problems. Pain can range from mild to severe and may radiate to the arms, neck, or jaw.
  3. Dizziness during exercise: Experiencing dizziness or lightheadedness while exercising could indicate an underlying heart condition. You should not ignore this symptom. Symptoms that occur frequently or coincide with others can indicate a more serious problem.
  4. Fainting episodes: Sudden loss of consciousness, or fainting, during or after physical activity can signal a potentially dangerous heart issue. Athletes suffering from fainting should seek immediate medical attention.
  5. Irregular heartbeat or palpitations (racing heart): An irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia, may signal a heart problem. The sensation of a racing heart may signal a heart problem. You should see a healthcare professional if these symptoms worsen during physical activity.
  6. Unexplained decrease in physical performance: A sudden or unexplained decline in athletic performance can be an early indication of a heart problem. This includes endurance, strength, and speed. You should consult your healthcare provider if you experience this symptom.
  7. Unusual shortness of breath: Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath during exercise that is disproportionate to the level of exertion could be a sign of an underlying heart issue. A medical professional should evaluate this symptom. This is especially true if it occurs suddenly or worsens over time.

Diagnosing Heart Problems at Premier Heart & Vein Care

The Premier Heart & Vein Care team employs advanced, non-invasive diagnostic tests to identify the cause of cardiac symptoms in athletes. Dr Stevens has served as a team physician for both the US Olympic and Maccabiah teams. Early detection and treatment can help prevent severe complications and ensure athletes maintain their heart health. You can reach us in San Luis Obispo at 805-540-3333.

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