How To Prevent Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary artery disease is a heart condition in which the major blood vessels cannot send enough blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the heart due to plaque buildup in the arteries.

It takes decades to develop coronary artery disease, but there are things you can do to prevent it and increase your heart’s health. Keep reading to learn more about preventing coronary artery disease and decreasing your risk of heart conditions.

What Are the Main Causes of Coronary Artery Disease?

As stated, coronary artery disease is caused by plaque buildup in the blood vessels leading to the heart. To understand how coronary artery disease develops, we must know how plaque forms.

Plaque is a substance made up of cholesterol deposits. As it accumulates, the interior of the arteries becomes more narrow, restricting blood flow. This condition is known as atherosclerosis. Diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and a lack of exercise are all potential risk factors.

How Can I Prevent Coronary Artery Disease?

Because coronary artery disease develops over a lifetime, developing healthy habits now is the best way to minimize your risk and improve your heart health. This includes:

  • Regular exercise: Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, control blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and strengthen your heart.
  • Manage your diabetes: If you have diabetes, it’s important to monitor your levels and take care of yourself, as it can lead to other health problems if not managed properly.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking can lead to various health issues, including coronary artery disease.
  • Reduce cholesterol levels: Increased intake of saturated fats and trans fats can increase your cholesterol.
  • Lower your blood pressure: High blood pressure can cause tearing in the arteries, affecting your heart health. You can lower it through some methods listed here. However, you may have to speak with a physician if it does not improve.

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