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Premier Heart and Vein Care offers Zio monitoring compared with Holter monitoring for evaluation and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. Holter monitoring can be worn for 24-48 hours, limiting the time for abnormal rhythm detection. Zio monitors can be worn for up to 14 days, increasing test accuracy.

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What is a Zio Monitor?

The ZIO® Patch is like a wireless, discreet ECG that captures every heartbeat while it is worn. The patch offers an alternative to the conventional Holter monitor that also tracks heartbeat over a much longer period of days, usually 2 weeks, rather than 24-48 hours. Unlike the Holter monitor that has wires and leads and a pouch to carry the small recorder, the Zio Patch is very small. It weighs just a few ounces and it attaches right to your skin in a peel-and-stick fashion.

How Does the Zio Monitor Work?

The Zio Patch is applied to a clean, clear region of your chest during your office visit at Premier Heart & Vein Care in San Luis Obispo. The strong adhesive will keep the monitor in place for the entire duration of your test. The monitor houses electrodes that pick up your heartbeat as you go about your days as usual. While wearing the device, you will also take note of any cardiac symptoms you feel. If you sense a symptom that is out of the ordinary for you, you press the top of the Zio Patch and then log the symptom in a booklet or on an app you've downloaded to your smartphone. It's that simple! At the end of your test period, you will remove the patch, pack it in its original box, and drop it into a postal box (USPS). Your test results will be analyzed by iRhythm and reviewed with Dr. Stevens. Our office will also receive a complete report from iRhythm, which will help Dr Stevens accurately diagnose your cardiac condition and devise a personal care plan to manage your heart health.

What Conditions Can the Zio Monitor Help Detect?

The Zio Patch is designed to detect an irregular heartbeat. This includes slow heart rhythm and pauses in heartbeats, fast heart rhythms (tachycardia), and ventricular arrhythmias like ventricular tachycardia.

How Long Should You Wear the Zio Monitor?

This convenient heart monitor is designed for extended wear and more accurate readings. Your test may span 14 days, after which you simply remove the patch and send it in for analysis.

Will I Be Able to Do My Normal Activities While Wearing the Zio Monitor?

After you've had the Zio Patch applied to your chest, you should refrain from heavy exercise and showering for 24 hours. This enables the device to fully stick to your skin. After that point, you can resume all normal activities, including bathing and exercise. Your primary restriction during your Zio Patch test is to avoid submerging your chest in water. The device can get wet in the shower but cannot withstand soaking.

Will Anyone Be Able to Tell That I’m Wearing a Zio Monitor?

The Zio Patch looks like a very small box. It does stand out from the skin but not by much. This may cause a slight bump under clothing. The upper part of the adhesive strip may be seen if you wear low-cut shirts like tank tops. If you wear shirts that are relatively loose, the device may be easily disguised.

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