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Dr. Stevens Interviewed for Varicose Vein Story

When dealing with varicose veins, you want a specialist with both diagnostic and treatment experience. You want a doctor who’s board certified in cardiovascular diseases, phlebology, and internal medicine. You want a doctor with decades of practice experience. 

And it doesn’t hurt to have a doctor who is interviewed and quoted for his vascular experience and expertise on Martha Stewart’s website in a story about how to deal with varicose veins. 

That doctor would be our very own Dr. Stevens who appears here in the story on Let’s get into what he was talking about in the story. 

Why varicose veins develop 

In the story, Dr. Stevens describes why varicose veins develop. “Veins are an integral part of the circulatory system, bringing blood back to the heart. Inside veins are valves, which ensure the proper flow of blood,” he explains. “When the valves are defective, blood flow is abnormal and becomes stagnant; this causes varicose veins.” 

Dr. Stevens then lists some risk factors for developing varicose veins. “Heredity, pregnancy, obesity, and prolonged standing are some of the contributing factors. Genetics can play a role, too. Certain genetic conditions predispose people to blood clots, which can also cause varicose veins,” he says. 

Noninvasive treatments 

In the article, Dr. Stevens details some of the non-invasive treatment options he uses for our varicose vein patients from across the central coast. “There are new noninvasive techniques available now which have replaced traditional vein stripping,” he says. “This can involve closing the vein and rerouting the blood to healthy veins, as compared to physically removing them with an operation. The new techniques include sclerotherapy, which chemically closes the vein, or ablation, which can use heat energy to do the same.” 

If you have pain from varicose veins or if you’re simply tired of their bulging blue and purple appearance on your legs, give us a call at Premier Heart & Vein Care in San Luis Obispo at (805) 540-3333. Until then, check out Dr. Stevens on

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