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Clarivein® is a state-of-the-art approach to varicose vein treatment that uses a thin, flexible catheter equipped with a rotating tip to deliver medicine to the interior walls of varicose veins, closing off damaged veins so symptoms like pain and burning sensations are resolved. Following Clarivein® treatment, the damaged vein eventually will be absorbed by the body and removed by the body's natural “waste disposal” system.

How does Clarivein® work to improve vein health?

While arteries carry blood away from the heart, relying on the heart's pumping action to keep blood moving in the right direction, veins return blood to the heart. To keep blood flowing, veins are lined with a series of tiny valves that open and close in sequence, coaxing blood to move back toward the heart. When these valves become damaged, usually as a result of age or underlying vessel disease, blood can collect behind them, resulting in bulging vein walls and impaired circulation. Clarivein® helps patients with varicose veins improve circulation and resolve symptoms by closing damaged veins so blood is rerouted to healthy neighboring veins.

Benefits of Clarivein®

Clarivein® doesn't use laser or radiofrequency energy, so there's no risk of heat damage in the vein or in surrounding tissues. The special rotating tip was designed to reduce discomfort and promote faster recovery, and the tiny incision means the risk of complications is minimized. Clarivein® is also far less invasive than traditional vein stripping procedures, and there's no downtime.

What happens during the Clarivein® procedure?

Prior to the procedure, a local anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area so discomfort is minimized. During the procedure, a very small incision is made over the damaged vein and the Clarivein® catheter is inserted and advanced to the damaged area using ultrasound guidance. Once the tip reaches the treatment area, the special solution is injected through the catheter and distributed via the rotating tip for 360° coverage. Most patients report only a mild tickling or tingling sensation during the procedure. Patients can return home the same day after a brief period of rest and observation. Following treatment, there may be some mild bruising that typically resolves in a few days.

Am I a candidate for Clarivein®?

Clarivein®'s proprietary delivery technique makes it an ideal solution for many patients with painful or unsightly varicose veins, but it may not be the best approach for every patient. Before any procedure is performed, Dr. Stevens will perform a careful evaluation to determine if Clarivein® is the best choice or if another approach is preferred.

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Dr. Stevens is a leading provider of varicose vein treatment for patients in and around San Luis Obispo, using the most advanced approaches to achieve superior results in both men and women. Board-certified in cardiovascular diseases, phlebology, and internal medicine, Dr. Stevens has extensive experience using Clarivein® to relieve painful symptoms of varicose veins so circulation – and appearance – are improved. To find out more about Clarivein®, schedule an evaluation today.

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